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This page contains links to video and audio files covering the activities in our workshops. Please click on the titles to view the videos or listen where audio only.

Site dynamics and long-term chronologies (Reading 25-26 February).

Network project summaries and discussion:

Gabor Thomas, University of Reading: Introduction.

Gabor Thomas, University of Reading: The Lyminge Archaeological Project.

Gordon Noble, University of Aberdeen: The Northern Picts Project.

Helena Hamerow and Adam McBride, Oxford University: The Origins of Wessex Project.

Christopher Scull, University of Cardiff and University College London: Rendlesham Archaeological Project.

David Petts and Sarah Semple, Durham University: Yeavering: A Palace in its Landscape.

Whole workshop: Round Table discussion.

Guest Speaker Papers:

David Rollason, Durham University: Gods and Power: Shrines, Churches, and Centres of Government.

Mads Kähler Holst, Aarhus University: Scandinavian Ideas of Royal Residence.

Dagfinn Skre, University of Oslo: The Avaldsnes Royal Manor Project: Charting the long-term Evolution of a Norwegian Royal Manor.

Barbara Yorke, University of Winchester: "And another was built instead in a place called Maelmin”: Shifting Royal Residences in the Written Sources.

Frans Theuws, Leiden University: Royal/aristocratic residences in northern Gaul 500-800: An archaeological problem with elite display.

Thomas Pickles, University of Chester: Places of Early Medieval Royal Residence in the kingdom of the Deirans, 500-800.

Royal residences and networks of power (Aberdeen 8-9 November).