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Funded by the AHRC
The University of Reading
The University of Aberdeen


The Royal Residences Project is an AHRC-funded network which brings together scholars from different countries and disciplinary backgrounds to interpret a major influx of new evidence for sites of royal residence in early medieval Britain. At the core of the Network are five collaborating archaeological projects currently investigating relevant sites in different localities of early medieval Britain: Lyminge (Kent), Sutton Courtenay/Long Wittenham (Oxfordshire); Rendlesham (Suffolk), Yeavering, (Northumberland), and Rhynie (Aberdeenshire). The Network will encourage the directors of these projects to share findings, compare methodologies and question assumptions, and open up this dialogue to scholars working on related phenomena in other regions of early medieval north-west Europe to develop comparative interdisciplinary perspectives.


Principal Investigator: Gabor Thomas (University of Reading)
Co-Investigator: Gordon Noble (University of Aberdeen)
Network Administrator: Zoe Knapp (University of Reading)
Network Data Manager: Simon Maslin (University of Reading)
Social Media Administrator: Matt Austin (University of Reading)

Network Steering Committee

Helena Hamerow (University of Oxford)
Christopher Scull (Cardiff University & University College London)
Sarah Semple (Durham University)
David Petts (Durham University)
Jayne Carroll (University of Nottingham)
John Blair (University of Oxford)
Paul Stamper (London, representing Historic England)

Early Career Participants

Matt Austin (University of Reading)
Adam McBride (University of Oxford)
Faye Minter (Suffolk County Council)