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KS2 Teaching Resource

This KS2 teaching resource contains seven easy-to-follow cross-curricula classroom activities to add value to your history teaching.

The activities can be used as stand-alone tasks to complement your existing Anglo-Saxon/early Mediaeval/Local History syllabus or as a complete unit to develop a deeper understanding of life in Early Mediaeval royal residences.

Each activity is highly focussed on the local sites, using actual finds and real life archaeological practices to engage the students. Our wish is for them to develop an understanding of historical enquiry as well as a sense of pride and ownership of their local heritage.


  • Seven group activities to be run in the classroom
  • Explores how archaeologists worked out where to look for the sites in the first place, and then how it was deduced that the five in the Network were royal sites.
  • Works in conjunction with your current Anglo-Saxon/Early Mediaeval curriculum.
  • Will enhance and enrich history lessons, with real case studies taken from live archaeological excavations.
  • Focus on developing Historical Enquiry Skills, inviting the children to use the archaeological evidence as a starting point to develop a hypothesis, which can then be questioned, tested and revised as necessary.


English National Curriculum:

  • Primarily KS2 History subject content: ‘Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots’ and ‘a local history study’.
  • Also touches on KS2 Geography: ‘Locational knowledge’ and ‘Geographical skills and fieldwork’; Art & Design; Mathematics: ‘Measurement’, ‘Geometry’, ‘Statistics’; English: ‘Reading – comprehension’, ‘Writing – composition’, ‘Spoken Language’.

Scotland Curriculum for Excellence:

  • Primarily 2nd Level Social Studies: ‘People, past events and societies’.
  • Also touches on 2nd Level Social Studies: ‘People, place and environment’; Numeracy and mathematics: ‘Number, money and measure’, ‘Shape, position and movement’, ‘Information handling’; Expressive arts: ‘Participation in performances and presentations’, ‘Art and design’; Literacy & English: ‘Listening and talking’, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’.

The Teaching Resource is free.

You can download the complete Teaching Resource (18.4 MB) here.

Or individual sections:

We would appreciate your feedback on this teaching resource and what we could do to improve it. Please send any comments to laura@jakarandatree.com. Thank you.