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  • Details of the Durham workshop

    Building on our successful workshop in Reading, the second workshop of the Royal Residences Network will take place at the University of Durham, 8-9 June 2016. The workshop is entitled: ‘Architectures of power: ritual action, performance and the built environment’.

    The central research questions being addressed are:

    1) What architectural principles do sites of early medieval royal Residence share and to what extent do these principles draw upon indigenous ‘vernacular’ traditions as opposed to imported concepts of aristocratic space and monumental display?

    2) Can we recognise any recurrent spatial patterns in the organisation of activities in and around sites of early medieval royal/magnate residence? To what extent is it possible to reconstruct ‘taskscapes’ as a dimension of the lived environment of these sites?

    3) How is cult and religious behaviour reflected in the architecture, layout and ritual actions of residential compounds and the relationships which existed between these foci and wider ‘ritual landscapes’?

    4) What kinds of methodological and interpretive approaches can we identify to develop a more sophisticated appreciation of the ‘lived in’/embodied experience of these settings and their role as theatres of power?

    Further details including a provisional programme can be found in the workshops section of the website.

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