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  • Site dynamics and long-term chronologies

    The University of Reading will be hosting the first of our network workshops this Thursday and Friday (25-26/02/2016).

    The workshop is titled ‘Site Dynamics and Long-Term Chronologies‘ and will bring together experts from across Europe. It will primarily focus on the establishment, development and ‘afterlife’ of royal residences with reference to the latest techniques of scientific dating and conceptual developments.

    In particular, the following research questions will be addressed:

    1. What role did antecedent cultural landscapes play in the structuring and development of relevant sites? To what extent can this role be directly linked to the performative rituals and theatre of kingship in individual cases?
    1. What was the ultimate fate of sites of early medieval royal residence? Were they commemorated or forgotten and what factors might account for these alternative trajectories? Is there anything approaching a ‘typical’ afterlife for a site of early medieval residence?
    1. What kinds of trajectory do sites of early medieval royal residence display, both in relation to each other and other categories of place in the same region/locality? Are they characterised by locational stability or fluidity and for how long did they endure in comparison to other types of contemporary site?
    1. How are transformations in the role, character and function of relevant sites manifested and how can these transformations be explained in terms of the changing structures and complexion of contemporary kingship?

    Gabor Thomas and colleagues at the University of Reading look forward to welcoming members to what will surely be a useful and thought-provoking event.

    You can download the workshop synopsis here.

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