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    Hello and welcome to the first post of the Royal Residences Network blog.

    The aim of this blog is to encourage dialogue, debate and interaction on the theme of early medieval royal/magnate residences and the creation, materialisation and projection of power.

    It will post news relevant to the interests of the Network and will offer preliminary write-ups of our ongoing meetings and wider discussions as a formal network. Guest contributions are encouraged from individuals currently engaged in research on topics of relevance.

    By way of introduction to the Network proper, Gabor Thomas (Principle Investigator) has the following words:

    A very warm welcome to the Royal Residences AD 500-800 blog.

    The Royal Residences AD 500-800 Project is an AHRC-funded network which brings together scholars from different countries and disciplinary backgrounds to interpret a major influx of new evidence for sites of royal residence in early medieval Britain.

    At the core of the Network are a suite of five collaborating archaeological projects currently investigating relevant sites in early medieval Britain: Lyminge (Kent), Rhynie (Aberdeenshire), Yeavering (Northumberland), Sutton Courtenay / Long Wittenham (Oxfordshire) and Rendlesham (Suffolk).

    The Network will organise three workshops over an 18-month period (2016-17). These sessions will encourage the directors of these projects to share findings, compare methodologies, question assumptions and engage with scholars working on related phenomena in other regions of north-west Europe in the first millennium AD. The aim of this is to develop comparative interdisciplinary perspectives and advance our understanding of this dynamic and formative period. 

    Feel free to familiarise yourself with the website, taking note of the aims of the project, the key people involved and the three upcoming workshops.

    Please join us for what promises to be 18 months of fascinating discussion and debate!

    If you have any queries or suggestions for the blog in the meantime please email matthew.austin@pgr.reading.ac.uk.

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