The Royal Residences Network – Investigating places of Royal Residence in Early Medieval Britain
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The University of Reading
The University of Aberdeen


Excavations at the village of Lyminge, Kent, by the University of Reading have uncovered an Anglo-Saxon royal complex and monastery, with occupation extending back into the 5th century A.D.


Since 2011 the Northern Picts project at the University of Aberdeen (in collaboration with the University of Chester and University of Glasgow) has been uncovering an early royal centre of the Picts at Rhynie, Aberdeenshire.


Yeavering, Northumberland lies in the shadow of the Cheviot Hills, immediately below Yeavering Bell, a hill fort believed to be active as late as the 4th century AD.

Sutton Courtenay

This project focuses on one Anglo-Saxon kingdom, that of Wessex. A pilot project to digitally map archaeological data, including metal-detector finds, was carried out on a stretch of the river Thames between Wallingford and Lechlade.


Since 2008 Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service has been co-ordinating a major programme of survey and investigation at Rendlesham in south-east Suffolk.